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  • Culture Changing Results

    Culture Changing Results
    Everthing DiSC products (published by Wiley) deliver tools
    and solutions that change cultures. NEW Solutions is a proud
    partner and distributor of these tools. Read how
    Everything DiSC is revitalizing communications in healthcare.
    Revitalizing Healthcare..

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  • KnowBe4

    Know BE4
    We are excited to announce our partnership with KnowBe4,
    a robust collection of cyber-security tools that include detection
    of human security vulnerabilities, training, repeat education
    and built in ROI measurements. In the next couple of weeks
    we will be building out our website to fully explain the benefits
    of this exciting new offering.

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  • GovCon

    GovCon Academy is hosting 6 Virtual Coffee Sessions
    to address the six key questions every business must answer
    before they can sell to the government. Each session lasts
    30 minutes or less and can be viewed from any
    computer or mobile device.

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  • Cyber Security News

    Cyber Security News
    Your employees are frequently exposed to sophisticated social
    engineering attacks. It is time for a comprehensive approach to
    effectively manage this problem, managed by people with
    a technical background.

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Services We Provide

NEW Solutions delivers comprehensive, customizable workplace development solutions to engage every employee in improving their performance. We specialize in designing and delivering premium learning solutions in the following areas.

Cyber Security Training security Find Out How Effective Our Security Awareness Training Is. KnowBe4 is the world’s most popular integrated platform for awareness training combined with simulated phishing attacks. We help thousands of organizations to manage the continuing problem of social engineering.

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Building Effective Working Relationships
Remember that boss you just could not get through to? We know why…and we can help.
Our Everything DiSC® tools are designed to help you understand yourself AND other people too. Our solutions help you build more effective working relationships based on an understanding of different behavioral styles.

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GovCon Academy GovCon_Acacemy Rules, rules, rules. If you participate in Government Contracting, you know that there are a lot of rules and regulations. Whether you work for government or industry, keeping up the regulations, directives, policies, and practices is an ongoing process.

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